Tuesday, December 2, 2014

MPM Helps Big Y Upgrade Equipment in Cheshire, Connecticut

MPM Food Equipment Group recently worked with Big Y Foods in Cheshire, Connecticut, to install some new and upgraded commercial kitchen appliances in the chain’s newly opened store.

Fri-Jado Multisserie Oven installed by MPM

The upgrades include a Revent 726U Single Rack Oven, a Fri-Jado Multisserie Oven and a Fri-Jado MD48-3 Hot Case.

Revent 726U Single Rack Oven

The Revent will be used as an additional oven to an existing rack oven. Big Y is using the Multisserie to replace an older rotisserie. And those juicy, delicious chickens will be on display in the Fri-Jado Hot Case. MPM’s Northeast team – including Ed Wiernasz and Mike Vumback – worked with Big Y when it took over the existing store in the spring of this year to deliver the upgrades.

Learn what Big Y knows - a few pieces of equipment can TRANSFORM your business into a customer-pleasing machine. If you are looking to put a charge into your store, contact MPM by clicking this MPM email link or calling (800) 976-6762 today.

Fri-Jado MD48-3 Hot Case

Mike Vumback explains the Fri-Jado Multisserie.

Loading the Fri-Jado Multisserie

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